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Website Design & Development

Affordable Website Designs


Your business requires a website. You must be visible on the Internet in order to assert your professionalism. What will set your website apart from thousands of sites in your market?

Peak Consulting is an established Web Design company which specializes in SEO website design and eCommerce web development for young entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. With our combined experience in graphic design, application integration and image animation, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers will deliver on time and on budget!

Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

So not only will your website be a great looking design with a focus on key front end design elements, it'll be supported by robust back-end functionality providing a market leading service no matter how specialized or customized the job.

If strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention and affordable prices sound appealing to you -- contact the Gold Coast office of Peak Consulting today!

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Application Integration


In today's modern world with it's ever increasing use of technologies, requiring those technologies to work together seemlessly has become a necessity.

You may establish your online presence with a website but very quickly you extend that to include social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter. These and future applications need to be routinely integrated into your website and other communication mediums if you are to live up to the expectations of today's audience.

Peak Consulting is well versed in application integration between custom designed or CMS based websites and a raft of full applications, modules, plugins, payment gateways and the like. Whatever the challenge, we will program a solution for you.

Let Peak Consulting create a professional website with high levels of interactivity, a memorable internet presence that will generate repeat ("sticky") visitors and online communities.

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eCommerce Solutions


eCommerce = Profit

Don't let your business miss out on potential customers. Make every website hit count!

Affordable eCommerce?

Our ecommerce solutions vary for small businesses and craftspeople to large scale projects with established businesses. No two clients are exactly alike. eCommerce concerns are seldom the same for any client.

Your customer expects a secure, easy, purchase. Our internet marketing group delivers hassle free ecommerce websites. Your ecommerce website comes fully integrated with the best solutions when you choose Peak Consulting.

Combine our ecommerce solutions with our internet marketing strategies and see your return on your investment in no time!

Call us today at 0404 39 89 89 or contact us through our website and make your products available 24/7!

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In the age of YouTube, Vimeo and similar sites; multimedia content on a website is important. You can drive traffic to your website by hosting interactive Flash games or providing entertaining Internet-only commercials. The possible approaches are as variated as the internet itself.

Peak Consulting can create multimedia to suit the brand of your organization and establish a unique online identity for your business. We create smart, viral like, internet marketing concepts that your potential customers will exchange via e-mail and text message, widening your audience and propagating your 'image' through creative online advertising techniques. Your market will share your multimedia content, using portable media players and video-enabled mobile phones.

Another popular application for multimedia in websites is presentation of products or services. In the case of software, this often comes in the form of a screencast, complete with narration. Impress your site's visitors with slick Flash presentations, and other multimedia marketing content developed by Peak Consulting on Queenslands Gold Coast.

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Search Engine Optimisation


More and more of your customers are adopting smart phones and using internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, as their primary source of information.

As your target market becomes ever more computer-savvy, so to SEO becomes ever more critical! But when it comes to SEO, there is a lot to know and learn; that's why it's good to know that a Peak Consulting website comes pre-built with all the SEO essentials and is finely tuned for optimum search engine results.

However, customers seldom look beyond the second search engine ranking page (or SERP)!
Rankings come and go depending upon several external factors and it takes a knowledgeable SEO to hold your ranking or move your site to the top.

Peak Consulting begins with a keyword centric, link structured, geo-targeted approach to Search Engine Optimization with a focus on page titles, page web addresses, keywords, image descriptions, meta-tags and human usability issues.

Let us create a SEO campaign now that get results for your business today!

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Content Management System


Peak Consulting can build beautiful, highly functional and yet still affordable, web sites based on any of the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla platforms – the world’s most popular web content management systems.

This gives you day-to-day editorial control over your website needed for those regular updates and changes, saving you time and money.

If you have an existing CMS based website, we are able to install templates, themes, modules and plugins giving your website a fresh new look and/or extra functionality.

In addition, we can integrate your CMS website with your existing systems and with a range of online stores, membership programs and email marketing platforms.

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Graphic Design


Graphic Design is the Visual Art of Communication

The importance of Graphic Design within the framework of website design cannot be understated.

It is the first impression that a customer or prospective customer gets of your site or advertising banner, email marketing template, etc. So if you don't get it right you are losing customers without doubt.

Designing graphics including logo design, never began as one of Peak Consulting’s core services but with a large number of our clients requiring an affordable online graphic solution, it quickly became so.

Many of our clients use our graphic solutions as is while others may in time augment it by having the work outsourced.

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