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Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engines, like Google, are widely used by Web users to find relevant content. Search Engines "crawl" the Internet, visit websites and obtain information about them. When they arrive, they record what they find and "rank" you. Search Engine Optimisation refers to techniques you employ to get a higher ranking, and consequently appear higher in search engine results.

What's Involved in Optimising My Website?

Some of what makes your site appealing to Search Engines can be managed by you (depending on how much control you have over your content). The rest depends on the Website Developer. Think of it like driving a car. The car is your website, its driver is you. You can get the most out of a bad car by driving it well. In the Web-sense, you fill your website with great content. Adversely you can have the best car available but if it's not driven properly, the car's facilities are wasted. Getting your site to rank well in search engines, therefore, involves two aspects: good facilities, and good content.

What Facilities Should My Website Be Equipped With?

Some technical aspects that make your site appealling to Search Engines include:

What Is Good Content For Search Engines?

If you can control the content on your site, the following ideas can be applied to improve your Search Engine ranking:

So, are you on page one?

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