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About Peak Consulting

About Peak Consulting

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About Peak Consulting

What began in 1997 as a fledgling cottage industry building simple websites under the 'Dynamix' moniker, has evolved into the boutique online consultancy known today as Peak Consulting. Augmented by a broad spectrum of Internet Technology Services and 'real' Business Experience, Peak Consulting is able to meet and exceed the online needs of most start-up businesses. At Peak Consulting...

We Listen

Too often, web designers build solutions that work for them but not necessarily for you. It pays to have someone that listens, establishes your position and what it is you are expecting from a website and/or your IT equipment.

We Understand

Peak Consulting uses its experience to offer real solutions that will enhance your on-line presence. We can offer you workable alternatives you many not have otherwise though possible.

We Identify

What is the most important number in your business? Sales, hits, enquiries? We help you identify the key numbers that will advance your on-line presence, and show you which solutions can be implemented to affect the most important numbers in your business.

We Offer

A 1-Stop-Shop for all young entrepreneurs and business start-ups, looking to develop their IT solutions and online presence. We will resolve ALL hardware and software technology requirements, either ourselves or by outsourcing. We specialise in powerful, user-friendly content management systems; e-commerce solutions; email-out tools to develop your communication with site visitors; high-impact graphical solutions; and expandable and extensible websites that you can grow and develop as you see fit. We will NOT abandon you midstream but will remain in a mentor capacity for as long as is reasonably required.

We Deliver

Combining it all, Peak Consulting delivers a high end product at an affordable cost. Our solutions will meet the needs of your business and of your audience, both today and in the future.

Peak Consulting, specialists in affordable web design, IT support and online mentoring - for business start-ups and young entrepreneurs