Peak Consulting builds flexible content management systems that allow YOU to load and change your online products quickly and easily

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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is Profit and there's no two ways about it! Don't let your business miss out on potential customers. Make every website hit count!

Affordable eCommerce?

Our eCommerce solutions vary as no two clients are exactly alike. Whether you're a small business or craftsman or a large scale established business, the eCommerce concerns are seldom the same.

However your customer still expects a secure, easy, purchase. Peak Consulting delivers that hassle free fully integrated eCommerce website!

We will provide you with a flexible system (CMS) that allows YOU to load and change your products quickly and easily. Provided with your product system is an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to manage all aspects of your products, and to control their appearance to customers.

Customers will be provided with a shopping basket and checkout that allows them to manage their purchases, pay by credit card or paypal and calculate shipping and postage quickly and easily.

Your site will contain a specially designed products menu that displays your product categories and allows easy browsing of all available products on your website.

In addition to your own editable online eCommerce store, we'll provide you with a branded content managed website  (or CMS website) - a site that you can add to (or remove from) pages and content freely. With customised graphic designs and a focus on your online strategy, an affordable Peak Consulting eCommerce website is one of the best ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Ask us for a quote today and get started on building your own custom-designed eCommerce website that can grow with your business. Or combine our eCommerce solutions with our internet marketing strategies and see your return on your investment in no time!

Call us today at 0404 39 89 89 or contact us through our website and start making your products available 24/7!

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