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Website & Mailbox Hosting

Peak-Consulting and it's sister company CoffeeCup Hosting are currently able to host all start-up websites (that we design) for a nominal additional fee. This associated service is designed to make those initial steps easier and to remove the sometimes daunting technical dealings associated with a first time web site owner. We do however have a 'fair play policy' and only ask that if your site becomes too demanding on our servers, you will consider an alternative 'paid for' hosting service. Typically this does not occur in the first year of operation.

In addition, Peak Consulting (through it's sister company CoffeeCup Hosting) is able to include 5 free mailboxes for start-up websites (that we design), at no additional cost which again reduces the burden of making separate arrangements at a time of intense technical jargon. The combined free mailboxes are limited to 1000MB per client, which is sufficient for a new start-up business.

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