A small business IT service agreement with Peak Consulting is affordable, cost effective and reliable

Affordable IT Services Agreements for Gold Coast Small Businesses

Affordable IT Service and Support from Peak Consultancy

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Service Agreements

Are you trying to maintain your computer systems with less budget and fewer staff? We can supplement your IT department or support your entire organization. Our service agreements take the guesswork out of IT support.

Service Agreements Categories:

Three categories of service agreements are offered to Peak Consulting clients. They are:

A service agreement with Peak Consulting requires an agreed number of hours paid in advance to enable us to offer a reduction in our standard consultancy rates. Additionally however, a service agreement has other significant benefits.

Benefits of Service Agreements

Once established, Scheduled Monthly Hours agreements retain their discounted agreement rates for twelve months despite subsequent rate increases. Block Hour Purchases are discounted by the same percentage as Scheduled Monthly Hours agreements, but are calculated as a discount from the standard consultancy rates at the time of purchase. A minimum of fifty hours is required for block hour purchases.

To establish a service agreement with Peak Consulting simply takes a telephone call or email. The initial on-site consultancy is free and will lay the foundation for a relationship that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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