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Peak Consulting is the Affordable Small Business Consultancy

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Boutique Consultancy

Putting Your Business Online


At Peak Consulting we like to do things a little differently – we teach you how to do without us!

Peak Consulting helps Individuals and Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB's) 'get online'. We take the seemingly complex Information Technology world and make sense of it, delivering easy to understand business outcomes that are affordable, scalable and really do work.

As a boutique consultancy focused on the young entrepreneur and start-up business, it's all about 'fast' thinking and 'hands on' doing – strategy and implementation.

With our specialist skills in Information Technologies (both hardware and software), Language & Communication, People Management and Business Administration all combined with extensive Industry Experience, we gaurantee an online presence that will give you that Point of Difference (POD).

This is affordable small business help that makes a difference to our clients and has put Peak Consulting at the fore of small business technology consulting practices on Australia's Gold Coast.

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Online Strategy

Perhaps the most important thing we do at Peak Consulting is to help you develop your online strategy. Without a clear strategy you are a bit like a ship without a rudder – you may be afloat but you're going nowhere.

Whether your seeking to take your business online through a new website or online marketing or you already have a website, a detailed online or internet strategy is a must have. Without one you will be simply haemorrhaging cash.

Peak Consulting will work with you to develop that comprehensive online strategy for achieving your business goals and promoting your brand online. We'll Put Your Business Online and we'll do it within your specified timeframe and your desired budget.

Contact Peak Consulting today for a free, no obligation initial consultation to see how we can help you.

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Marketing and Social Media

Social Media is definitely here to stay and with statistics like 500 Million active users on Facebook, social media as a weapon in your business arsenal is one that can't be ignored.

Social Media Marketing is serious business and knowing how to use mainstream Social Media applications like Twitter, LinkedIn, youTube and Facebook to increase your online exposure without damaging your brand, is where Peak Consulting steps in and helps.

Your 'authority' online is becoming increasingly important and in order to attain that authority and relevence you must join the 'conversation' - and that conversation is happening right now in the online community.

Let Peak Consulting show you how to build a thriving online community around your brand and help you to realise the full potential of new business gained through using Social Media channels.

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Business Support


One of the biggest challanges facing a start-up business, is Time Management. Getting the balance right between developing the business and running the business.

With Peak Consultings' Business Support, we take on those 'back office' tasks that would otherwise drag you down, leaving you free to focus on the areas you're good at - making money.

Everything from accounts, office systems, file storage, business cards, advertising and beyond, Peak Consulting is there to support you.

Whether you need to reduce your work load, streamline your business or you may have ideas about how to advance your business but don't know how to take it to that next step. Whatever the reason, Peak Consulting can provide you with alternative and affordable solutions that you may not have previously considered.

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Coaching & Mentoring


It requires more than merely having all the individual components of a business, to be a successful business. You need something to hold it all together, to keep things in perspective and to make sense of it all. That is where being mentored by Peak Consulting can help you.

When you need to 'bounce ideas around' or 'regain clarity' - you need a mentoring session with Peak Consulting. You get to tap into our knowledge base and industry experience while we bring a focus to critical areas and a perspective to the overall.

As a business start-up or young entrepreneur you are constantly being subjected to new technologies and applications, all of which require familiarisation. Valuable time and money can be wasted on these non-productive activities but not so when being coached by Peak Consulting.

With Peak Consulting as your business coach, we teach you only what you need to know – when you need to know it, maximizing your resources at critical times. This allows you to remain abreast of industry developments and technologies and up-skilled on an 'as and when required' basis.

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