Don't move your website to a new host without first reading this step by step guide from Peak Consulting

Moving Your Website to a New Host

Let Peak Consulting show you how to move your website between hosts without going off-line or loosing emails

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Moving Your Website to a New Host

There comes a time in many a websites life, that it needs to change hosting providers.

Much akin to you and I moving house for various reasons like, not enough room or not a good enough location or simply too expensive, websites suffer the same issues. Whatever the reason, be it bandwidth, storage space, lack of features or simply too expensive, the end result is the same. You need to move your website to a new host!

The task can seem daunting at first, but with a little guidance and a lot of patience it is easily done.

This is the situation Peak Consulting found itself in recently, when it had to move ALL of it's client websites from one host to another. After months of trials, the following set of chronological steps proved to be the sure fired way of moving the websites without any downtime, without loosing any e-mails, and with the least amount of stress.

The basic idea goes something like this:

The execution however is slightly different and is set out below.


Even with this step by step guide, the entire process is still precarious to say the least. Peak Consulting for it's part, offers free transfers to all clients moving their websites across to CoffeeCup Hosting. Peak Consulting is also able to offer advice and guidance on the broader subject of webhosting and the intracsies and subtleties involved therein. Please contact Peak Consulting with your concerns or enquiries.

CoffeeCup Hosting has been set up by Peak Consulting to offer professional BUT affordable web hosting to young entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

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