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Improving your Google Organic Search Results

Peak Consulting can show you how to improve your organic search engine ranking

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Improving Your Google Organic Search Results

Google Adwords is a great performance based measure that can feed hundreds or even thousands of leads into your sales conversion system at a low cost per lead. But improving your page rank in organic search results can also play a big part in your lead generation - and its often cheaper!

Let's take a quick look at why improving your organic search results can be worth so much to your business...

People search for content

With organic listings attracting 65% of clicks as opposed to 35% for paid clicks (including Google Places), a big chunk of the market is being caught by good performing organic search results and not by Adwords.

If you're not on page one or two of organic search results for the key search terms of importance to you, then address it. People don't bother searching much further.

Organic search results can reduce your Adwords spend

This is not to say it is all doom and gloom for your Adwords campaign but rather far from it - it can actually improve your Adwords cost-effectiveness.

Google may not reveal much about its algorithms but it's accepted that Google Adwords ranking isn't just factor of your bid value but also of the relevance of your page to the search terms being used.

So if you improve your page relevance as part of your organic SEO strategy, chances are you will also gradually reduce your Adwords cost per click for the same placement, or at least elevate your rank in the Adwords arena for no additional spend. That's got to be good!

3 Basics to improving your organic search results

First, there are two things you need to know in order to improve your organic search results...

Armed with this information you can then set about improving your organic SEO page ranking by:

  1. Improve search relevance
  2. Improve inbound links
  3. Optimise web page structures

1. Improve search relevance

Make sure the pages in which you talk about certain subjects have a high density occurrence of the keywords that matter. Don't try to use different terms for the same thing. Use the same searchable term as many times as possible without affecting the readability. The keyword density (how many times per hundred words your word appears) needs to be strong. Avoid keyword 'stuffing' at all costs.

Good copywriting can help achieve a balance between strong keyword density and unpleasant 'affected' writing styles.

2. Improve inbound links

The more links to a page from elsewhere in your website and elsewhere upon the internet, the better. Google attributes a higher 'page rank' to a page that is more relevant. The more inbound links a page has, infers a greater page relevance to others. The better the page rank the better the loading Google gives your site.

There are article sites, directories and other sources of content around the net we use to help establish links to a website and improve page rank. Search for "directory" or "free article" and then the industry name you are in, and you'll find some of them. Be wary though of 'link farming'.

3. Optimise web page structures

There are ways to ensure your web pages are built to encourage Google and other search engine 'spiders' to see, index and rank your content.

Correct use of the 3 meta tags of Title, Description and Keywords, will go a long way to addressing this issue. We provide a worksheet to all of our clients prior to all web and seo development.

And in the coding of your website itself, there are principles of the coding structure that can improve or hinder the search spiders. Ensure your coder is a website developer and not a website designer. There are significant differences in their approach behind the scenes that make a big difference to Google and the other search engines.

The above three points are the simplest and easiest way of improving your Google organic search engine ranking. So remember

and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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